Canon 1300D Review

Canon 1300D

Canon 1300D Review

The Canon 1300D was recently released a year back and is quite popular among many camera lovers. Previously Canon had released the Canon EOS 1200D which was also very popular when it was released. The new model of the camera is also sold at the same price but with a few added features like WIFI and NFC Capabilities. It is one of the best DSLRs for first timers and beginners.

Canon 1300D

So if you about to get a canon 1300D then the following are some of the things you need to know about the camera:

  • Build and design.
  • Features
  • Performance.
  • Verdict.

Build and design:

The new model canon 1300D has not quite changed from its previous model, the design and build of the previous version are quite the same. The body of the camera has a matte texture so you can hold it with a good grip in your hand. There is a mode dial where you can switch between the modes very quickly. The camera has both manual and semi-automatic options. The Canon 1300D has a viewfinder which offers a bright and clear view.

On the top of the camera, you have a microphone, a flash which pops up. You also have an external flash and a PASM dial mode. The dial’s texture is rough, so it is easier for you to rotate the dial. The weight of the newer model is slightly lighter than the previous model.


The Canon 1300D has an 18- megapixel lens and an APS-C CMOS sensor. The camera is capable of 3fps burst shooting, and its image processor is the Canon’s Digic 4+.  The camera can shoot in various moods like JPEG, RAW, and the video recording can get maximized up to 1920*1080p at 30pfs.

Coming to the upgrades in this camera, the Canon 1300D has WIFI and NFC. To use those you need to download the Camera connect app from istore or Google Play store. The app is free, and the connection process is straightforward and smooth. Once the connection is made, you can start uploading the photos onto your device. The camera has a 16GB card bundled.


The ISO tests were good up to ISO 800. The images were sharp, and the coloring was perfect. More than that the sharpness in the picture dips down. The Canon 1300D is very good for taking pictures at daylight, and the color reproduction is vibrant. When images against a bright background there is a chromatic aberration along the corners of the objects. The Canon 1300D has a right level of depth and is ideal for taking portraits.

If photos are taken indoors, then the clarity goes up to ISO 1600; this gets achieved by providing artificial lights. If you adjust the manual, then the canon 1300D is capable of taking some brilliant pictures in the night and little light.


You can get the canon 1300D online for about 29k Rupees, which is a good price for the quality of camera especially if you are a beginner.

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